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Updated: Apr 19


“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman

We understand the importance of play-based learning. We also LOVE it!

You're busy and some days it can be a challenge to keep thinking of ways to keep little hands occupied, while big hands are busy doing everything else!

We've got you!

At Hasta La Gifta, we have put together some amazing READY PACKS with loads of goodies you can take anywhere! We've also sourced some INCREDIBLE PLAYSETS & TOYS that will provide creative, imaginative play that is portable & can provide some much needed quiet time.

This is never more important than when there is a new arrival on the way, or already in the house...


A new baby in the house is a truly fabulous & miraculous occasion! For newly elevated Big Brothers or Big Sisters it can be a confusing and sometimes daunting time! All their routines are changed, attention is being diverted to someone other than them and they are bound to feel a little anxious!

You're sure to have prepared them verbally, included them in setting up the new baby's room, ready them stories about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, but they are little people who are not sure why their world (which they were pretty happy with) is now slightly upside down!

Giving your toddler a gift from the new baby to them is a wonderful way to make them feel special. Encouraging family members (when they ask you what you need) to get your toddler a Big Sibling Gift is also another way to acknowledge their very important new status! And let's face it- if that new baby is getting presents- why shouldn't they?

Gifts that encourage creativity and independence are a godsend for parents of new babies with busy toddlers and we've found some great ones for you- all our goodies are only for BIG KIDS- no babies allowed!


Travelling with little people is wonderful, but, if we're going to be truly honest....

IT'S EXHAUSTING and, let's face it- NOT relaxing!

You need things that are going to provide more than 3 seconds of distraction that aren't going to need batteries every 5 seconds or make noises that every fellow traveller glares at you about! We also know that you don't want to have to keep relying on your phone and iPad, because there's usually recriminating stares (mainly from people without overtired, cranky toddlers) and a little parental guilt thrown into the mix! Sometimes, especially on long hauls, you don't have a choice- we get it!

We've sourced some incredible toys, playsets in tins & amazing home-made playdough that could be just what you are looking for! Add in some touchy-feely, interactive books & some funky teethers, maybe a soft bunny to cuddle...pop them in all in one of our incredible Backpacks, Drawstring Bags, Lunch Bags, Wheelie Cases, Sleepover or Duffle Bags & you are going to be good to GO! Even if it's just out to a cafe and hoping for a coffee to drink that might even still be hot...remember those?

All our bags & cases are easy to light, easy to open & close and so gorgeous, your little person might even start carrying it themselves...you never know!

Hasta La Gifta...getting little people ready for their big moments! (and helping their big people get them there!)


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