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Getting Ready...

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

From there to here from here to there...

It seems as if life is all about Getting Ready and I don't just mean the daily grind. You spend a lifetime getting ready for milestones in your life, you spend nine months (sometimes years) getting ready for your baby and then all of sudden, you're the grown up that has to get this little person ready for the world...and...it can be...terrifying!

You want to give them everything they could possibly need, but mostly you just want to protect them from every nasty in the world- so absolutely no pressure!

As parents, we are often our own worst critics.

This is so often not helped by the carefully choreographed Instagram posts that we sometimes can't help compare ourselves and our ramshackle crew to! Life isn't about perfectly staged and filtered photos- it's about the little moments.

Be kinder to yourself!

Every time you sing a song, read a story, make funny faces, play Shops for the 17th time that day or dance to the Wiggles- you are making memories and getting your little people ready for interacting and taking their place in the world.

Milestones don't have to be huge or dramatic- they can just be those quiet pyjama moments, macaroni Mother's Day necklaces or having a snuggle in bed because getting ready for the day after a long and broken night sometimes seems bigger than Everest!

Watching them assert their independence is astonishing and completely frustrating a lot of the time, but give yourself a pat on the back that you are helping them be themselves- even if that self wants to wear gumboots and a cape every day or sleep in a tutu!! Every time they choose their own toy or book, pack their own treasures to go out- that's an achievement and setting them on the the right path!

Enjoy the little moments, rejoice and self high five the unexpected victories -like everyone actually being dressed and in the car on time or eating the same meal! Cherish the silly and celebrate every milestone- big and small along the way! From there to here, from here to there, special memories are everywhere!

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